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Discussion of Grey's Anatomy (TV) and its actors.
Grey's Anatomy focuses on young people struggling to be doctors and doctors struggling to stay human. It's the drama and intensity of medical training mixed with the funny, sexy, painful lives of interns who are about to discover that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white. Real life only comes in shades of grey. Thursdays 9/8c on ABC

This is a community for the discussion of all things Grey's Anatomy. All posts must be related to Grey's Anatomy (the show or the cast). Any post that is inappropriate or unrelated to Grey's Anatomy will be deleted, so don't bother.


THE RULES. WHAT'S ALLOWED, WHAT'S NOT.Personal Attacks/Rude Comments
Personal attacks/rude comments directed at other community members is not tolerated.

Spoiler Policy
There is an official discussion post for each new episode. Please try not to post about the episode within 3 days after its aired and please, post all spoilers for that episode under a lj-cut. All spoilers for future unaired episodes must be under a LJ-cut.

The Spin-Off (Private Practice)
We don't allow discussion of it in this community unless your post also relates to Grey's Anatomy. Any post directly about the spin-off will be deleted. If you wish to discuss the spin-off please see pp_discussion.

Cast Sightings
Just saw your favorite Grey's Cast member in a TV show or movie outside of Grey's Anatomy? Please don't post about it. Posts will be deleted. However, if you met the cast irl and have cute pictures, go ahead and post them!

Icon Posts
There is a Grey's Anatomy icon community: ga_icons. So icon posts are accepted but not necessarily welcome. PLEASE, only cross post icon posts that contain a decent amount of Grey's Anatomy in them. Please refrain from cross posting to icon posts with 50 icons and only 3 or 4 GA icons. We will delete those posts. ALSO FORBIDDEN: Posts that link to friends-only posts. These too, will be deleted.

Graphics, wallpapers, mood themes & other media may be posted here. Any large graphics must be posted under a LJ-cut. Posts may only have 3 thumbnails outside of a LJ-cut. Only GA related graphics may be posted directly to the community. See this post for more information. Again, refrain from linking to posts that are friends-only

Requests/Community Promotion
If you have a related community/website you would like to promote please post here. And NOT directly to the community.
Now, if you absolutely MUST post your promotion to the community, feel free to make a consult at the Page-a-Mod post, and we'll look at your particular case.

Common Questions
You'll find answers to common questions such as where can I find screen caps or quotes, where does the show film, etc located in the community FAQ or the show FAQ. Please do not make posts requesting things available either here or that you could Google yourself.

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